September 9, 2018

The Making of a Musical: The Genesis of Chad Hardin’s “Sextet: A Love Story for Everyone”

In this fascinating one hour workshop/presentation, composer/lyricist Chad Hardin (long-time Guilford resident) will describe the 7-year development of his new musical “Six” — from initial idea, through sketching and successive drafts of the material, through four readings of the play in New York and New Jersey, leading up finally to the world premiere production scheduled for the Shoreline in the spring of 2019.

Chad will illustrate how key key songs in the show were conceived, constructed and — most interesting of all — how the songs evolve in the most unexpected ways during the rehearsal process. Often the most striking aspect of a song will result from an idea that occurs — seemingly out of nowhere — sometimes at the last minute; an idea which can originate from anywhere (an actor’s comment, or the chance observation of someone who happened to see the show), so that the author is left with the heady and often humbling impression that the best ideas in his show do not necessarily originate with him at all!

This is a must-see for anyone interested in the creative/collaborative process as it relates to musical theatre. This is also a great introduction and lead-up to experiencing the world premiere of the show in its entirety, which will be presented in the spring of 2019. Reduced-priced general admission seats to that production will be available for sale exclusively for workshop attendees.

The Guilford Christian Science Church
49 Park Street on the Guilford Green
Guilford, Connecticut 06437

Sunday, September 9 at 4pm

Admission is free, but donations benefiting Shoreline Theatrical Arts will be gratefully accepted.