Actor Auditions for “Six,” a New Musical




To schedule an audition, please send an email to Chad Hardin, indicating dates and times you are available to audition. We will respond with an audition time and more information about the audition itself. All auditions will be held in Guilford.


Spring 2019

The Chester Meeting House
Chester, Connecticut

Although “Six” is a musical theatre piece, professional singers with opera training are preferred.

Paid positions. The presentations of “Six” are benefit, non-Equity performances.

“Six” is a New York comic romance — a love story for everyone, meaning that within the interlocking relationships of six characters, three men and three women, you are sure to find your love story. Peter is a popular and attractive philosophy professor at Columbia, who teaches Plato as part of his Philosophy 101 class. He has been married (he believed happily) over twenty years to Claire, his high school sweetheart. Yet his world is turned upside down when he meets a handsome (and strikingly wise) young man named Dane. Dane immediately recognizes in Peter his true soul mate — while Peter is torn between his genuine devotion to his wife, and an irresistible attraction to the young man. The rest of the sextet consists of Diana, the star student in Peter’s class; her lover Jordan, who is paying Diana’s way through school; and Alex, a quantum physicist, friend and colleague to Peter, who has just lost his beloved wife to cancer.

PETER, baritenor (with accent on the baritone). Mature romantic lead, wide range of both singing and acting, from lightly comedic to passionately serious.

CLAIRE, medium soprano. PETER’s wife. Mature romantic lead, A thoroughly modern, self-aware woman who happens also to be capable of deep and authentic love.

DANE, baritenor (accent on the tenor). A grad student in one of PETER’s classes, and the third angle in this romance, with a wisdom and self-knowing beyond his years. Charming, irresistibly so — yet in no threatening or merely sexy way: as PETER says, the kid has a beautiful mind.

JORDAN, medium soprano. The older woman in our same-sex couple. She is a somewhat buttoned-up, straight-laced assistant dean of admissions at Columbia.

DIANA, high soprano. JORDAN’s other half. Touching, comic, poetic, a modern romantic — the foil to JORDAN’s more workaday disposition.

ALEX, tenor. PETER and CLAIRE’s close friend, quantum physicist, bookish yet big-hearted.

“Six” was developed in readings beginning at the South Orange Performing Arts Center (sponsored by MidtownDirectRep with a grant from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts), followed by three readings in New York City (at the Chelsea Studios and the Physics Theatre). Shoreline Theatrical Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to bringing world-class professional theatre, music and dance to audiences of the Connecticut Shoreline. STA was funded originally with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Connecticut Office for the Arts. Our many sponsors include Guilford Savings Bank. For more information — and to hear clips of selected numbers from the musical “Six” — go to our website at